Buy Bitcoin Like Forest Gump Bought Apple Stocks.

Jaiylen Curry
3 min readFeb 23, 2021

Bitcoin has made headlines every month since August 2020.

Each month, breaking records setting a new all-time high for itself.

If you haven’t bought in on bitcoin, stop reading this. Go to Cashapp and buy $10 worth. Then come back.

Imagine hearing about Steve Jobs’s idea of the iPhone before it went into manufacturing. Wouldn’t you tell 2008 you to invest and figure out the rest later?

It’s better to get in early and learn as you go. The alternative is sitting by watching a new generation gain wealth you could’ve had.

We both underestimate Bitcoin as many did with Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft when they were about to change the world. These were revolutionary companies that changed the way we operate as humans.

My hypothesis is by 2030 bitcoin, will replace the US dollar as the world currency.


When I started this writing, one bitcoin is worth $57.4K. Now two days later, bitcoin dropped to $48K.

The $10 I told you to buy on Cashapp is an even better idea now.

The idea of investing is to buy low, sell high.



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