No Longer Their Slaves.

Jaiylen Curry
Jul 21, 2021

We are not slaves.

We are the appointed generation. The generation that will inherit the new creation. We are not chained to the nation. See your salvation. Walk into your promise land.

The Day of the Lord is coming. We will do away with the old. It did not serve our purpose but lead us to destruction.

Turn away from those who say, “Follow me.”

Don’t be afraid by the times they are troubling.

You are protected. Give witness to the salvation of our creator, then know. You are not their slave.

The Day for every nation will come. Woe to those in it when it does. Like a thief in the night, he will come when you’re sleeping.

We are the appointed generation, see salvation is ours, take it.



Jaiylen Curry

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