Your 1 min networking pitch will get you sales on TikTok.

Tiktok is the #1 place to reach your customer market, D2C B2C & B2B.

Jaiylen Curry


After the Covid lockdowns, TikTok saw a large number of adults ages 25–45+ get on the platforms.

The behavior on the platforms by the older generation is different.

Adults 25–45 like the simplicity of the platform. Quick tip content is becoming popular with the older generation.

Most business professionals are in at least one networking group. At some point, we put time and effort into crafting our one-minute speech.

TikTok videos only go up to 60 seconds.

I’d take 60 sec to explain what the ordinary person could google or youtube them selfs. Then post it.

I prefer they didn’t.

When the info is coming from me, viewers start to build a relationship with me in their heads. The more questions I can answer for them, the closer they feel to me.

It also establishes me as the authority figure in my field.

When producing content for Tiktok or social media altogether, always over-deliver in value.

Think, what can I say or do that will benefit my customer TODAY.

Since TikTok is a new platform. You can get double the amount of views you would get on Facebook or Instagram combined.

During the first 30 days of launching my business, I used Facebook & Instagram ads as a top-of-funnel strategy. The videos I was using as a creative were my Tiktok videos.

I’d recently had a video that did 10k+ views on Tiktok. I thought paid media behind it would set it off. In the end, I spent $250, reached 11,000+ people with the Ad. I broke even with a 2% conversion rate.

Not bad, it was clear Tiktok’s organic reach was cheaper and equal to Facebook’s paid reach. Paid media doesn’t mean higher sales.

In a Facebook ad, you can target people based on interest. In TikTok, you have to use relevant hashtags. For example: using #Orlando helps me geo-target people who use or view that hashtag.



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